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What is BBQ Grill Mold? Causes and Remedies

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Mold grows in moist and damp environments. On grills, mold grows when the grill is kept shut and unused for extended periods. Placing the lid on your grill cuts off air circulation providing the perfect breeding conditions for mold. 

Importance of Regular Grill Cleaning

Cleaning your grill may seem like a chore, so here’s some motivation as to why you should clean your grill regularly:

  • Clean grills face a lower risk of mold growth.
  • A dirty grill is a sore sight and doesn’t reflect well upon you and your family.
  • Cleaning the leftover grease prevents the safety risk of grill flare-ups.
  • Preventing grill flare-ups also helps you avoid burning your food.
  • Regular grill cleaning prevents rusting and corrosion, thereby increasing its lifespan and reducing maintenance costs. If you already got rust on your grill, here are the reasons and remedies for grill rust
  • A clean grill gives you better control over the flavor of the food. The burnt remains of leftover sauces, grease, and marinade from the previous meals only throws-off the flavor you’re currently trying to achieve. 
  • Cleaning your grill regularly deters critters and rodents from making a winter-home inside your grill. This, in turn, reduces the chances of disease and infections spreading to you and your loved ones.
  • The leftover grease will have a reduced risk of turning carcinogenic due to continuous heat. This ensures that you do not contaminate your food.

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