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Infrared Vs. Electric Grills: A Technological Tussle

Infrared VS Electric Grill | BBQanswers

Introducing the Grills – Infrared and Electric Grills

Before we can start drawing a comparison, let’s briefly identify each grill.

What are Infrared Grills?

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What are Electric Grills?

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Differences between Electric and Infrared Grills

Now that we’re familiar with the two grills, let us make a feature comparison between the two grills.

Grilling Convenience

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If you’re looking for a convenient and easy-to-use device, then electric grills are your pick. They will save you time and require little to no grilling expertise. Once you have the grill heated up, place your food on it, and it will do the rest for you.

However, an infrared grill requires constant vigilance because of the high grilling temperatures. This can be challenging for beginners, but you are sure to achieve excellent results with practice.

BBQ Flavor

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To get BBQ flavor, your grill must be able to produce smoke. 

Infrared grills reach high temperatures for searing meat, and any juices that drip towards the burners are instantly vaporized. This creates smoke that can add a lot of flavor to meat if kept in the smoke for some time. 

Since electric grills griddle surface is in direct contact with the food, it is not cranked up to high temperatures. This prevents the meat from burning, but also fails to produce BBQ smoke. This results in food with less flavor.

Cooking Temperature

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Most electric grills heat up quickly but cannot rise to temperatures. This makes them ideal for cooking lean meats and proteins that do not require high temperatures to cook, but less suitable for searing meat.

Infrared grills can produce the highest grilling temperatures very quickly. This allows you to quickly sear your meats to perfection. However, cooking lean meats and proteins like fish is not advisable with these grills.


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Ease of Cleaning 

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