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Does My Barbecue Comply with Local Fire Safety Regulations?

BBQ Fire Regulations | BBQanswers

When all you want to do is barbecue, going through the legal gibberish of Fire Safety laws is the last thing on your mind! 

This post explains, in simple English, whether your barbecue party is fire compliant, some tips to keep you safe, and a few alternatives to fire grills.

BBQ Open Fire | BBQ Fire Regulations | BBQanswers

If you are barbecuing with a gas grill or a big bonfire, yes, your barbecue is considered an open flame. If you are using a charcoal or an electric grill, it is not considered as an open flame. However, associated barbecuing activities must still comply with local fire safety laws.

It’s important to note that while using charcoal or electric grill, it is still possible to be in violation of the fire code. I discuss these regulations in the following sections with tips on how to avoid these problems and practice safe barbecuing.

But first, I want to answer the question that everyone asks after hearing the above answer.

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