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What BBQ Sauces are Actually VEgan?

Vegan BBQ Sauce | BBQanswers

When you adopt veganism, you have to stop eating some of your favorite foods. However, it’s not all bad news for your tastebuds. While you may not be able to enjoy grilled meat as a vegan, you can still enjoy BBQ sauce. 

Vegetarians have limited food choices, and this is especially true for vegans. The average vegan meal tends to be bland, but you can add BBQ sauce to enhance the flavor. Whether you are eating a greek salad or rice and beans, a BBQ sauce is always a delicious addition to any meal.

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Pitmaster Tip:
You can adjust the ingredients according to your preference. Also, if you want to give a smoky flavor to your sauce, add a teaspoon of liquid smoke. It will take your homemade BBQ sauce to the next level.

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