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What is BBQ Tailgating? All You Need to Know

BBQ Tailgating Party 101 | BBQanswers
BBQ Tailgating 101 | BBQanswers

Barbecue tailgating is a social activity where people party near the open tailgate of their vehicles. These events are most commonly held near large events like concerts, sporting events, and outdoor camps. BBQ Tailgating often includes grilled food, alcoholic beverages, and games. 

In its purest form, tailgating has three components: a vehicle, food, and beverages. People often set up their vehicles in the parking lots and make arrangements for their tailgate party there. People attending tailgating parties, i.e., tailgaters, are expected to bring their own beverages, BBQ, etc. This food is then shared with the others who are tailgating along with them. 

Tailgating is usually non-commercial activity among friends where people celebrate their shared love for the outdoor event. However, it’s not uncommon to find people selling food and beverages at large tailgating events. 

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