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A Guide To Chinese Barbecue: Recipes and More

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Chinese Barbecue Basics

Chinese BBQ can be broadly put into two categories – Siu Mei and Shaokao.

In the west, barbecuing is considered as a social event held on special occasions. In contrast, Chinese Barbecue like Siu Mei and Shaokao is an everyday food of the Chinese people. Families, businessmen, people getting out their jobs will all stop at these shops to grab a quick bite for an early dinner or snack.

Also, unlike Western Barbecue, Siu Mei is usually served at room temperature rather than piping hot. 

Chinese Street Food

Street Food | Chinese BBQ | BBQanswers

The street-side shops that sell Siu Mei are called Siu Laap shops. They’re easily recognizable with their trademark rotisserie meat hung on wires as a display to attract customers.

You can also find small snacks, called Xiaochi( 小吃), that can be with alcoholic drinks like Baijiu and Chinese beer.

Since making Siu Mei is a lot of hard work, it usually employs an automatically rotating rotisserie.  Also, since Siu Mei takes long to cook, it is almost always served as takeout. You can find it sold in boxes and paired with rice. 

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Pitmaster Wisdom:
The following dishes are not roasted dishes but still classified under Siu Mei since they are prepared and sold along with Siu Mei meats listed above.

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When glazing the meat, keep flipping it every minute or so to prevent burning. If you burn the honey that’s in the glaze, you will end up with a bitter glaze that tastes bad.

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1 pound of meat should make around 12 skewers, depending on how you cut them. So if you want to increase serving size, go ahead.

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